This pandemic has taught us so many life changing things, taken us out of our comfort zone and put us right in the middle of nowhere to contemplate and rethink our purpose in life. It has paved the way for many like me to break barriers and rise above the storm.

Throughout my life I had many people who either directly or subtly inspired me. And I feel that there are a lot of simple, everyday people out there, who do extra ordinary, jaw dropping things, and they are sometimes unsung heroes in our lives who may have in some shape or form influenced our behaviour through their positive acts.

Through my podcast I wish to interview these individuals and bring their inspiring stories to life.

Also many a times, we want to do something different in our lives, but are unable to do so, either because we are misinformed, or we don’t have adequate knowledge, or there’s so much of information out there that we just get lost and are directionless or there are times that we just come across stumbling blocks and give up. These are issues that we all deal with, in our daily lives, so, I am hoping, that bringing real life stories of people who have been there done that, you can benefit from their expertise and knowledge.

“Every life is a story to the world, make sure it’s inspiring”

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Launch & Intro

Wilfred Fernandes Inspiring story From Techie to Farmer
Brenda LaRoseDream Builder Coach
Ananya BhaktaramCreator of the Corona Testing website
Sophia Andrade KapadiaFounder of Shambhavi, an organisation which empowers women
Sharroll MathiasFounder of Chi B in BalanceHollistic Guide and Master Teacher
Olivia D'Costa & Jordan YangoStories & Soulproject to support the BLM movement.
Sushmeetha BubnaInspiring story of a visually Impaired woman

Aaron Reeve Mendes,

8 Year old, has created a stir in the chess industry. He is termed as the Child prodigy of Chess.

Kevin D'Souza

Aspiring doctor and Cricket Buff